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Learning together, learning for life


School performance and statistics

5 passes at grade 4 GCSE inc. English

A*-B grades at A Levels in 2019

grade 4 - 9 in GCSE English and Maths


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TDS_COMPTON - January 21
We have registered with 'Tech Amnesty to support digital poverty' whose work provides students with access to technology at home via computers or laptops. If anyone is willing to support the cause in the form of a monetary donation, please visit https://t.co/gH6lWbfbOB
TDS_COMPTON - January 21
One of our core values 'Responsibility - being independent and self reliant, taking the lead to make the world a better place,' was demonstrated yesterday when the school donated sandwiches to Two Saints Hotel in Newbury. Residents were thrilled to receive the donation. https://t.co/ZuCZezDkWW
TDS_COMPTON - January 20
Here is a picture of Headteacher Mr Prosser during his filming with Sky News on Monday. https://t.co/TrS1uZMsFy
TDS_COMPTON - January 18
For those who may have missed Mr Prosser's interview with Sky News this morning about rapid testing, the story will be repeated on Sky News this evening at 7pm.
TDS_COMPTON - January 18
TDS_COMPTON - January 18
Headteacher Mr Prosser will be doing live interviews about rapid testing in schools on Sky News this morning.
TDS_COMPTON - January 14
Are you thinking about a career in teaching? Please click the link below to find out more about a free live webinar from The Downland Alliance. https://t.co/bKWQCWjTTw
TDS_COMPTONRetweeted TDS_COMPTON - January 14
Free simcard with 30gb of data for homeschooling for 90days https://t.co/7WUO6RHdmt
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