Exam & Key Stage Results

The Downs School is a high performing school, with a consistently strong record of academic success at both GCSE and A Level. We are very proud of the high percentage pass rates achieved by our students, due to the excellence and diligence of our teaching staff, the hard work of our students and the partnership between staff and parents.


Our 2020 GCSE results once again maintained the strong tradition of excellence that we have come to expect at The Downs School and we are extremely proud of our students’ achievements.

83% of students achieved at least the standard pass 4 – 9 (C to above A*) in English and Mathematics, and 64% achieved the strong pass 5 – 9 (B to above A*) in both subjects. There were a stunning number of Grade 9’s, with 22% of all examinations taken resulting in grades 8/9 (A* and above) and 34% grade 7 – 9 (A and above).

Headteacher Chris Prosser said: “These fantastic results epitomise what The Downs School stands for; strong partnerships, resilience and desire to achieve at all levels.”

A Level

In 2020 our A Level students achieved an outstanding set of results, with 88% of students achieving A*-C grades, 67% A*-B grades and 39% A*-A grades.

Chris Prosser, Headteacher said: “I am incredibly proud of what our Year Thirteen students have achieved in such a challenging year.  From the outset, this Year Group has had a great work ethic and collective determination to succeed, which was reflected in the centre assessed grades provided by my staff.  My staff reached these grades with the utmost diligence and professionalism.  It is therefore disheartening that the national process of standardising grades, including the last-minute changes, has created such controversy. Despite this, I feel confident that we have prepared our students fully for the next stages of their careers.  I know that they will thrive, whether they go to university, take up apprenticeships or enter the world of work.”

Pete Hogan, Head of Sixth Form added: “Our students have found it really hard not being able to sit their exams and had been looking forward to the opportunity to prove themselves in the challenge of their final exams.  They have prepared for a marathon but not had the opportunity to run the race.  All of our students should be proud of what they have achieved during their time at The Downs School, and it is great to reflect on the many individual success stories.”


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