Year 8 deliver Exceptional Education Projects

Posted on: 2nd Nov

At the end of last term, a small group of year 8 students presented their Exceptional Education Projects (EEPs) to fellow students and remotely to their parents, marking the culmination of a research project which started in the summer of the previous academic year.

EEPs develop students’ skills in the following areas:

  • independence as they were working alone;
  • time management and resilience through completing an extended project across several months, in addition to their other school work;
  • research skills, in terms of gathering information through a variety of methods and evaluating the material gathered;
  • and presentational skills.

Having decided on topics for their EEPs, students then met online with their teacher and mentor Mrs Seath once a week to report progress, discuss difficulties and decide next steps. Towards the end of the summer term the students presented their final presentations on Teams to Mrs Seath and the other students, in order to gather feedback. At the start of October, back in school, they presented to each other and a group of invited Year 9 students, and their parents (via Teams) and then answered questions.

The topics covered were diverse and included the social impact of Covid 19, the failures of the Apollo 13 trip and an in-depth discussion on conspiracy theories.

Mrs Seath said: “Congratulations to the students who worked so hard on their projects and presented beautifully. I was very impressed by their creativity of all these projects, and by the determination of those who completed them in difficult circumstances. Very well done to all!”

Please see below a list of names of the students who took part and their research project topics:

Will L tracked and evaluated the social impact of Covid-19 as it was happening

Daniel M explored the workings of different kinds of engines, including making some

Sacha W investigated the failures of the Apollo 13 trip and explored whether it could after be deemed a success

Chloe H researched a variety of Greek and Roman myths, and their presentation in art

Daisy M explored the healing power of dance

Johnny A investigated the environmental impact of the shipping industry

Lucy H gave a very thorough account of a number of conspiracy theories, and explored what might be the appeal of these

Gus D learned a new coding language and used it to create his own video game; he presented the stages and difficulties of making this game through a separate video.

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