Year 9 students study links between crime and geography

Posted on: 8th Jan

At the end of last term and as part of the KS3 geography curriculum, our year 9 students were exploring different types of crime and what connection they have with geography. Students looked at local and international crime and how the geography in certain areas allows for different types of crime. They looked at how different policing strategies are between rural and urban areas in the UK and how urban planning can reduce crime hotspots. They also examined rising trends in gun and knife crime in the UK using a variety of sources (maps, graphs, tables and even the police crime database!).

To bring a conclusion to the topic students invited our local PCSO's in who delivered an interactive session on gun and knife crime, bringing a real life dimension and case studies to both perpetrators and victims of these violent crimes. This session was key in enabling students to draw their own conclusions at the end of this topic as to why crime is considered offensive, a powerful moral full stop.



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