Students 'takeover' at The Downs!

Posted on: 5th Feb

It is student Takeover Day at The Downs School today, an eagerly anticipated event on the school calendar.

The idea behind the event is that students use the opportunity to take increased ownership over their learning and feel able to better challenge themselves in their lessons. Students are either approached to take part, or volunteer their services, and the end result is that our students feel more empowered and confident to question, debate and get more involved in their learning.

Among the events taking place tomorrow include an ‘open forum’ where students are able to discuss any aspect of school life to inspire a debate, year 7 students will  be leading a science class in a discussion about DNA,  and  Year 10 will also be putting together and then giving presentations, with positive feedback from their classmates welcomed.

Organiser of the event Miss Duthie said: “Student Takeover Day is a great opportunity for all our students. Some will lead discussions in class, some will give feedback on what they have learned, and in some instances our students will decide on the lesson content. It is a really good day and we find it increases productivity in the classroom afterwards.”


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