Birds of Prey at The Downs School

Posted on: 13th Mar

Xtreme Falconry, the Dorset based bird of prey team, visited our Year 7 pupils last month bringing a variety of birds for the children to see and experience close-up. This is the seventh year that Xtreme Falconry has visited the school, with the experience covering topics including food chains, habitat destruction and poisoning via pollution and conservation.

The talk was led by Xtreme Falconry founder, Martin Ballam, an experienced bird trainer and demonstrator who brought along a Barn owl, Indian Eagle owl, Merlin, Peregrine Falcon, Golden Eagle and Harris Hawk. He showed each bird in turn, giving students the opportunity to see the birds at close hand and to be able to ask questions.

Student Abigail said: “I really enjoyed it when the birds of prey came in. I loved it when they flew, seeing them up close and all the facts we were told about them.” Felicity added: “The thing I liked most was being able to see the actual bird of prey instead of it being in photos. I also liked that we got to get our questions answered.”

“The Downs School is amazing and the children are so polite, I love visiting the school,” said Martin. “This year’s group of students were one of the best school groups I have ever visited for the higher level of questions.  My favourite question was from a young lady about bioaccumulation - absolutely brilliant.”

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