P1340426All Sixth Form students have a timetabled hour of enrichment per fortnight.

This can be trying a new sport or hobby, or spending time with younger students sharing common interests or developing new skills.

15Personal Development Programme (PDP)


All Sixth Form students receive a timetabled hour of PDP per fortnight.

This covers a PSHE curriculum and also includes sessions on Planning for Your Future, Mental Health and Wellbeing, and Citizenship.



Personal Development Programme (PDP)


We offer students the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities such as social sport, team sport, quizzes, subject ambassadors, school guides and community support to name only a few.



20Super Curricular


We provide students with access to a vast selection of Super Curricular learning resources, offering them the opportunity to expand their wider knowledge of the subjects they are studying, taking them beyond the exam board, and into a higher level of academia.



19Duke of Edinburgh Award

Founded by the late Prince Philip in 1956 it offers the opportunity for you to take part in a highly regarded scheme.

Its beneficial for future applications, challenges you to develop new skills and benefits your wider community.

Why not join the 275,000 people who take part every year.

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