Welcome back Alumni! 


We warmly welcome our Alumni back to our School. Whether you left last year or over 50+ years ago, you are always welcome to return to share your news and collaborate with us.  

This page is dedicated to our Alumni and current parents and carers who wish to collaborate with us and support the school in a variety of ways.  Below, is a list of opportunities to work with us and how we can help inspire our current students with your career experience. 

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Here are our current opportunities that might be of interest.  

Testimonials & Reviews  
All Ex-students If you would like to provide us with a testimonial to inpsire others, we would like to hear from you. Form 
Google Review It does help a school to have positive reviews on our Google or Bing search pages. Please do add yours if you wish. We would be most grateful.



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LinkedIn                           Join our Alumni network page  LinkedIn Alumni

One off or Regular Donations                               

 Please donate here. Any amount will be gratefully received.


Direct Student Support  
The Downs School Career Network Join our career network group
Offer Y12 Work Experience Work experience for older students in Sixth Form
Offer Y10 Work Experience 2 days shadow experience for a Y10 Student
Offer Interview practice In-school event to help students practice interview techniques with business people.
Be a mentor to our Sixth Formers We can match a student and a Mentor to have mentoring sessions online with a student manager.
Careers Fair Be part of our annual careers fair


Indiviual Support to the School   
Visiting Speaker for Assemblies, Groups or Classes Would you like to share your expertise in your field and inspire a new generation?


Business Collaboration  
Provide a student Tour at your business premesis Invite some students into your business premesis for a tour?
Invite staff to a maintenance day  Bring a group of staff to volunteer at the school in the holiday and help maintain the school and grounds?
Offer apprenticeships Does your business offer apprenticeships? Join our programme.
Silent Auction giveways We host a Quiz Night and a silent auction every year and the prizes are a huge fundraising draw. If you have any offer, product, tour etc, please contact us.
Match Funding  Does your business offer match funding as part of their CSR programme. Many large industries offer this and we are set up ready to collaborate.
Hire our facilities If you would like to put on an event in one of our halls, please visit our hire page


Sponsorship Opportunities  
Sports Collaborations We have sponsor opportunities for sports kits and equipment, and creative arts opportunities 
Creative Arts Collaborations Work with our creative teams on expertise support, classes, sponsorship of productions etc
Design Technology collaborations Inspire our students and community with project support via donation or material, equipment etc.
Sponsor a banner on the sports fences Advertising all-weather banners on our community courts, buildings, pool or grounds.


If you would like to contact us about any of these opportunity ideas, please speak to our Marketing Manager, Mrs Bennett 

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