Reporting absences

What should I do if my child is unable to come to school due to illness?

Should your child be unavoidably absent from school, such as because of illness, can you please inform the school in the following ways.  This procedure also applies to Sixth Form students.

1.       By telephone – please call 01635 270000 and leave a message on the absence line.

2.       By email – Email

3.       Via the Parent Gateway.

Please ensure that your messages reach the school by the end of the morning registration period, which finishes at 9.10am. In the case of illness, please contact the school each morning of absence to ensure that your child’s absence record is correct. Please also use these methods of communication to inform the school if your child needs to be absent due to medical or dental appointments and music exams.

If your child is going to be absent for any reason apart from illness, medical/dental appointment or music exam, a Request for Leave of Absence form must be completed (see below). This form can also be obtained from Reception for students in Years Seven to Eleven, or from the Sixth Form Office for students in the Sixth Form.  Please allow at least 3 weeks for this request to be reviewed.



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