IT & Online Services for Students & Parents

Student Accounts

Students are issued with school credentails that allow them to log into the desktop computers in school, Office 365, PaperCut, and Satchel One.

Students that start at the beginning of the school year are given these credentails in IT classes. Students that start mid-year should see their form tutor for their school credentials.

The same credentials are used to log into the desktop computers, Office 365 (including Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook), and Satchel One

Multi-Factor Authentication

As part of security best practice, year 10s and above, when not connected in any way to the school network, to access school resources that require authentication (in Office 365), will need to use Multi-Factor Authentication. This is carried out using the Microsoft Authenticator App.

Please see the following link on how to use the Microsoft Authenticator App:

Microsoft Authenticator App

School Intranet

The School Intranet provides a launch platform to all school systems.

Satchel One (Show My Homework)

NB: Parents are automatically e-mailed via Schoolcomms the parent code for students that start at the beginning of the school year in Year 7 and 12.

For other instances or if you do not have a parent code, then to obtain your parent code, you can have your student log into the Satchel One website or App and select Settings >> Parent code

Parent Documentation

Logging in as a parent | Satchel Help Center (

Parent-SatchelOne.pdfStudent Documentation

Students must select Sign in with Office 365 to sign in

Student - Satchel One Sign InSatchel One School Homepage

Office365 - including Teams 

All students  have an Office365 account which they can access using their normal computer credentials (username and password) from any device anywhere. Office365 provides a connected online suite of applications including the Microsoft Office suite of software (Outlook emails, Excel, Word, Powerpoint &c.) within a collaborative and information sharing environment.  The suite of applications includes OneDrive, an online file storage service that can be accessed from both within school and at home - removing the need to email work to and from school. 

Teams is part of Office365 and is and is a crucial part of our Remote Learning arrangements.  

Students can sign into their school Office365 and Teams account here.

Printing at School

Students can print or photocopy their work at school on any of the large MFD printers around the school.  Once they have sent their work to print from their PC (or device at home via Office365) they simply log on to the MFD printer and pull off their prints.  Colour printing is available as an option, as is a choice of A4, A3, single or double sided paper - but these choices are made when sending the print file not when you are standing at the printer.    Students can see what they have printed and the credit they have remaining on their account by logging onto their PaperCut account. All students have £3 annual print credit and this can be topped up by buying more credit on the ParentPay School Shop (which is different to the usual ParentPay site - see the links at the bottom of this page). 

Students can sign into their PaperCut account here.

Schoolcomms emails and texts

The school communicates with parents primarily by email using a system called Schoolcomms.  For most communications we will send hard copy letters home to those parents who have not provided their email address.  If you are not signed up for these emails please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to let us know your contact details.

Schoolgateway - Information and Payments

The School Gateway is how we share information such as timetables, praise (house points), behaviour incidents and reports with parents online and via a smartphone App called “School Gateway”. If you go onto the Gateway you will be asked to enter the email address and mobile phone number you have registered with us (this is the e-mail address you have put onto your child’s admission form). You will then receive a text message with a PIN number. Use this PIN to log into School Gateway. This is a great communication tool, and we recommend it for parents.

Schoolgateway is also how parents can make payments for school meals and trips etc. We previously used Parentpay, but this ceased summer 2019.

Parents and carers can sign into their school Gateway account here.

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