Reporting and Assessment

How should work be assessed and feedback given?

The type, extent and detail of assessment will depend on the type of work the student is involved in.

Teachers should mark in purple pen when a student response to marking is required.

Students should mark in green pen when assessing their own or others’ work or when responding to feedback.

Assessment and feedback should be in the form that is most effective in helping a student progress, such as:

ticking or signing/dating classwork to acknowledge it has been checked

marks out of total, percentage, grades or scores for tests and formal assessments.

dialogic marking with clear feedback and actions for improvement which the student must respond to using FAR tickets or the acronym FAR (Feedback, Action Response)

verbal feedback – to an individual, group or class

self and peer assessment/marking when appropriate – which should be initialled if written.

Students will:

  • follow the guidelines for the presentation of work
  • respond to and reflect on feedback using green pen
  • meet deadlines for submitting work
  • recognise that failure to meet deadlines could jeopardise final grades and might result in work not being assessed.

Parents/Carers will:

  • support the school’s use of home learning
  • ensure the Presentation Policy is adhered to
  • encourage students to put 100% effort into work.
  • Subjects teachers or relevant support staff, such as TAs, will:
  • assess and mark students’ work and give feedback in line with this policy, using purple pen to mark work where a student response is required
  • keep a record of work in an appropriate and accessible format
  • consult with students about what sort of assessment/feedback most enables them to progress and assess work appropriately to maximise progress
  • give time for students to assess work and respond to actions
  • make success criteria and expectations clear.


In Years 10 – 13 all students will have target grades based upon either or all of the following: end of Key Stage tests, CAT4 tests and internal baseline testing. Students’ progress will be assessed and monitored against the targets this data provides.

The information and data gathered regarding students’ progress will be used to make judgements on current attainment and projected grades on the school progress reports. The assessment recorded will also be used to set up interventions for any students falling below expected target attainment.

In Years 7 to 9 all students will have subject specific standards for their year group that they are all expected to meet. Students’ progress will be assessed and monitored against the standards throughout the year, with an overall judgement being made at the end of the academic year.

Assessment data will then be used to provide support and interventions for any students who Heads of Department and Heads of Year view necessary.

More information on how student reports are issued.

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