Curriculum Enrichment

Learning continues beyond the classroom with an extensive enrichment timetable and large number of trips and visits, both locally, within the UK and overseas.  This allows our students to pursue their interests and develop those essential transferable skills which enable them to become well rounded individuals.

A wide range of educational opportunities support learning within subjects and include visiting galleries in Oxford and London, and taking advantage of highly professional local theatres, as well as travelling to Stratford and the West End.  Our Performing Arts department have taken students to New York and students studying geography have had the opportunity to visit Iceland.

We have offered Year 8 students the opportunity to take part in in a ski trip and in the past language students have taken part in exchange visit to schools in the French Alps, Germany and Spain.

Biannually, our Sixth Formers have been able to take part in a ski trip and expeditions, which in previous years have gone to Ecuador, Norway, and India.

Performing Arts – drama, music, and dance - are used to provide opportunities for students to develop their individual talents which they can showcase in house competitions and our annual school production.

The aim of the PE Faculty is to foster the idea that sport is for all and that it can be tied in to any level of motivation. There is a wide-ranging offer of various extended programme activities designed to encourage additional participation in physical activity for students.

One objective is to extend further the notion of a healthy active lifestyle through the medium of a fun sporting environment outside of lessons. The clubs on offer are non-selective and create opportunities for students to meet like-minded others who wish to develop their experiences through sport in an interactive, encouraging environment, irrespective of their initial starting point.

Life-long qualities are promoted through such clubs, and include the development of: health and fitness, leadership, cooperation, competitiveness, ethical values and social interaction. Students may wish to opt in for various reasons, from trying a new experience, to fine-tuning existing skills, meeting new people, or challenging themselves to work towards school team representation. In addition, there is also scope to aspire to higher levels of competition, through selection for higher-level opportunities at district, county, and national levels.

Details of the current clubs and activities are available in our weekly student bulletin. Click here to view student bulletins.


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