Heads of Year

Our Heads of Year work closely with our students and their families to support the students throughout their time at The Downs School. We have seven Heads of Year and their role is to ensure the school values and ethos are promoted during the school day.

Our Heads of Year lead on the pastoral care and academic progress of their Year Groups, working closely with senior leaders, Heads of Faculty, Student Managers and leading teams of form tutors. They guide our students during the time they spend here, beginning with the transition from Primary School right through to GCSE and post 16 study, monitoring the academic progress of our students to secure and sustain effective learning.


Head of Year 7

Miss J Duthie

I started at The Downs School in 2015 as a Newly Qualified Teacher and have been a tutor for five years and became Head of Year 7 this September. I am a Performing Arts teacher specialising in Drama, Production Arts and Dance. 

006188 mrs g meijboom gme

Head of Year 8

Mrs G Meijboom

I started at The Downs School in 2005, and teach KS3 Science, Chemistry at KS4 and KS5 and KS5 Applied Science. I am Head of House for Perborough and have been Head of Year since 2016.

012418 miss l francis lfr

Head of Year 9

Miss L Francis

I joined The Downs School in 2015 and teach both History and Politics. I am Head of Department for Politics and have been Head of Year for two years.

004089 miss s wilding swi

Head of Year 10

Mrs S Wilding

I joined the school in 2009 and teach English and English Language at A Level. I have been a Head of Year for six years, and am also Head of Beechwood House.

011653 miss l bermingham lbe

Head of Year 11

Miss L Bermingham

I started at The Downs School in 2014 and teach English at KS3 and KS4 and English Literature at KS5. I have been Head of Year for four years, working with my cohort since they started at the school.

Wes h

Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Head of Year 12

Mr W Hutchins

I started at The Downs School in September 2020 after teaching in Dubai for three years. I teach Economics and Business at KS4 and KS5. I was Head of Business and Economics at a previous school in the UK.

010578 mr p hogan phg

Head of Sixth Form

Head of Year 13

Mr P Hogan

I joined the school in 2012 and am a member of the Senior Leadership team. I also oversee the creation of the whole school timetable. I teach Geography, and during my time at The Downs School have been Head of the Geography Department and Head of Aldworth House.


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