Staff Wellbeing

At The Downs School we understand that the positive wellbeing of our staff is essential for retaining, motivating and in promoting the wellbeing of our students. Our staff balance a large number of tasks and demands on a daily basis, so it is important that they feel supported so in turn they can support our students. See how we actively manage workload and promote wllbeing at The Downs School.


Teaching and learning 

Developmental Walkthrus using Instructional Coaching 

Monday and Wednesday morning briefings to keep you updated 

Curriculum, Pedagogy, Assessment and Development time in Faculties every other Wednesdays 

Clear communication through staff and student bulletins 

Comprehensive support for ECTs 

Time given for ECTs for training 

Time given to Mentors for mentoring 

Time given to undertake NPQs 

Clear Downs Development ladder 

Head of faculties lead their faculty assessment and feedback policy. 


Clear and effective Therapeutic behaviour structures in place to support all staff 

Senior staff on call presence around school everyday 

After school and Saturday school detentions run by SLT 

Clear communication through student updates every other Wednesday briefing 

Managing workload 

Email protocol- no expectation to answer emails out of working hours and holidays 

Remote access to allow staff to work flexibly 

No detailed written reports to parents and carers 

No direct emails from parents to teaching staff 

Flexibility for individual needs for discretionary leave 

Regular staff surveys to get honest feedback on what needs to improve  

Well established Wellbeing and Workload working group 

Time for you Tuesday – no meetings 

Other initiatives and opportunities 

Electric Car charging points in school 

Countless opportunities to get involved with the wider life of the school-e.g. Duke of Edinburgh, Ski trips, theatre trips, overseas trips. 

Free Tea/Coffee available in Staffroom and in faculties  

Treats at break each half term 

Flu jab available to all staff 

Staff social events- Christmas, Easter, Summer 

Book swap box in staffroom 

Gym available to 5.30 free of charge 

Swimming pool available before and after school on certain days 

Yoga available to sign up 

Free coffee perks during the Year from Café 6 

£5 personal printing 

Café 6 – available until 2pm 

Loyalty card at Café 6 if you bring your own mug 

Heads breakfast – opportunity to say how things are going 

Free office 365 apps 

Counselling available to all 

Coaching available 

Staff football on Fridays 

Buddie system 

Centralised systems – SIMS, School detentions 

High level of support for trips and visits 

Refreshments before parents' evenings and school events 

School closes at 6pm 

Birthday club for staff 

Faculty Socials 

Supportive friendly staff 


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