What is the curriculum trying to achieve?

The Politics curriculum aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding for creative discussions of key ideas of society, state, economy, and human nature that are referred to as Politics. It is designed to give our students recognised vocabulary and political awareness so that they can understand and communicate viewpoints within Politics and take responsibility for participation in civic life and the ambition to shape positive outcomes for society. The curriculum is designed to enable students to evaluate political participation and government systems in the UK and the USA. Students are equipped with a clear understanding of the political ideologies which shape political discourse in twenty-first century Britain including key concepts such as equality. Students will explain or analyse similarities and differences between UK and US political systems using comparative theories, further equipping students for future critical analysis of politics in their futures. 

How do we organise learning?     

Each of our subjects organises learning to achieve our federation vision of ‘Educating today’s students for the world of tomorrow: a seamless education from 4 to 19’.  Please click here to see a visual map of students’ planned ‘learning journey’ in politics across Key Stage 5.

To see more detail on what we teach, please click the relevant links below:

Year 12 Curriculum Summary

Year 13 Curriculum Summary

How well are we achieving our aims?

If you have any questions about our curriculum or require more information, please contact the Head of Faculty by emailing contact@thedownsschool.org

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