What is the curriculum trying to achieve?

The Humanities faculty creates students who: 

  • Develop intellectual curiosity and the ability to work collaboratively  

  • Understand the diverse world they live in and how it came to be 

  • Have the tools and knowledge to critically evaluate and debate the ideas they encounter 

  • Are prepared to live in a world facing unprecedented challenges 

  • Understand how they can influence and change the world around them 

  • Are morally and ethically aware of their responsibilities as global citizens 

Studying History compels us to ask and answer questions about people and events in the past which help us to better understand our present.  It is important to develop students’ cultural capital of the past by investigating historical narratives, debates and dilemmas and the impact they had locally, nationally and globally. We aim to do this through an engaging, ambitious and knowledge rich curriculum that makes useful connections about the past.  We ensure that students can evaluate evidence, identify and analyse causation and consequences and critically engage with different interpretations of the past to form substantiated judgements. Through these engaging with these skills, students will practice resilience, improve their understanding of diversity and equality in History and give them courage to challenge the ideas they encounter in their lives. 

How do we organise learning?    

Each of our subjects organises learning to achieve our federation vision of ‘Educating today’s students for the world of tomorrow: a seamless education from 4 to 19’.  Please click here to see a visual map of students’ planned ‘learning journey’ in History across Key Stage 3, 4 and 5.

To see more detail on what we teach at each Key Stage, please click the relevant links below:

Year 7 curriculum summary

Year 8 curriculum summary

Year 9 curriculum summary

Year 10 curriculum summary

Year 11 curriculum summary

Year 12 curriculum summary

Year 13 curriculum summary

Anything else?

If you have any questions about our curriculum or require more information, please contact the Head of Faculty by emailing contact@thedownsschool.org

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