What is the curriculum trying to achieve?

The study of the law equips students with many transferable skills that apply to a wide range of professions.  The ability to extract relevant information from a wide range of complex sources and previous cases, the ability to courageously argue and discuss with peers presenting their view in a balanced and evidenced way and the ability to problem solve are just a few.  Students are supported to creatively evaluate the current status of the law and question its effectiveness. Studying the law is a fascinating and challenging academic discipline, and student are supported to develop their resilience and ambition by our passionate teachers. The study of the law supports students in understanding the history of British society, the rules on which our society operates and how they have evolved to reflect modern Britain, considering issues of equality and morality.  Law teaches students a logical and analytical approach to solving problems which will equip students for future study and employment.  

How do we organise learning?     

Each of our subjects organises learning to achieve our federation vision of ‘Educating today’s students for the world of tomorrow: a seamless education from 4 to 19’.  Please click here to see a visual map of students’ planned ‘learning journey’ in law across Key Stage 5.

To see more detail on what we teach, please click the relevant links below:

Year 12 curriculum summary

Year 13 curriculum summary

Anything else?

If you have any questions about our curriculum or require more information, please contact the Head of Faculty by emailing

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