New mural unveiled in Science building

Posted on: 30th Sep

A new Science inspired mural, designed by students and located on the wall of ‘Hubble’, the school’s purpose built Science Centre has been unveiled.  

The mural was the brainchild of Year 12 students Victoria H, Zoe R, Elizabeth R and Anushka S, who are all members of the ‘Wellbeing and  Environmental’ committee on the School Council. The girls ran a ‘Celebration of Science’ competition across the school and Sixth Form, calling for students to create a mural design with a Science theme and Sixth Former Izzy M was announced as the winner.

Izzy’s design features prominent scientists including Isaac Newton, Rosalind Franklin and American astronomer Edwin Hubble after who whom the Science building is named. Zoe chose Northamptonshire based artist Sarah Hodgkins from Charlotte Designs to transform the original design into the mural, who   handpainted it onto the walls.

“I am really impressed and proud of the design,” said Zoe. “It has taken a year of work to get to the finished product, but the feedback we have from the students is very positive and it really enhances the Hubble building.” Anushka added: “We had to work in partnership with the artist to make some amendments to the original design in order for it to work as a mural, and Sarah has really brought Izzy’s design to life. We have fantastic Science facilities here at school and the mural is in the perfect place for all our students to see.”

The mural has been sponsored by local companies Baxter UK, Carbosynth and Ridgeway Botanicals who sent representatives to attend the unveiling. Headteacher Chris Prosser commented: “ I am proud of the students for using their own initiative to firstly set up and run the competition, before then finding  an artist to translate their designs into reality. It looks fantastic and I would also like to thank the sponsors for their support in helping us bring the project together.”





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