Rugby Report - The Downs School Vs Park House 53-21

Posted on: 3rd Oct


Park House was our second full game into the season, and the team played brilliantly. Five minutes in and we had a try followed by a closely missed touch conversion from Alex J. The wind wasn't on our side, but throughout the first half we dominated, bringing the score up to 17-0. A couple of handling errors, and injury after a beautiful tackle from Ollie G meant that the halftime score was brought up to 17-14. Very close!

The whistle blew for the second half, and Park House quickly added to their score, securing a try around three minutes in. A couple of quick re-adjustments, and we proved unstoppable. We secured try after try - three unconverted and three converted - bringing an early finish for the team, Some notable performances were Christian C (Man Of The Match) for his beautiful lines, Jack B’s debut at position 10, an amazing Fullback kick from Andrew C to his twin David, big pick-and-go carries from the Forwards, and, of course, good line play from the Backs.

Overall this was a very successful  game for us and marks our second win of the season.





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