British Values Week

Posted on: 10th Oct

As part of British Values week (23 September), students in English explored various aspects of British Values, including Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect through class discussion, debates, quizzes and writing. Molly in Year 8 wrote a particularly inspirational piece on diversity – what it is and what we should do as a society to embrace this. Well done Molly!


Diversity: What Does That Mean?

Diverse beliefs: what does that mean? You may think it means different beliefs. Everyone is able to have his or her own belief and opinion and choices. It is good to have diversity in our world. Some ideas may not work, but everyone will have a good reason for their choice against that belief. We all have a chance to let our ideas flow out. Some people may disagree with it but we have to respect their choices to believe in what they think is right. Nobody is the boss of your mind.

No one is the same. We all have our opinions. If we were the same, we would not have new ideas and beliefs like our famous scientists who made cures or mathematicians who have helped us solve problems or founders for new gadgets and places. Everything would be so dull and boring. We would not understand racism and sexism because no one would have brought those issues to the eyes of the rest of the world.

Mutual respect, what’s that? It’s about being accepting to other’s opinions and beliefs. Even if you don’t like someone else’s idea but they might have a strong reason behind it, that needs to be shared. Maybe you might change your opinion from listening to others. Stand up for what you believe in. Be proud of your differences. Respect others.




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