Year 10 study regeneration in Bristol

Posted on: 17th Oct

Year 10 Geography students visited Bristol last week, travelling to the harbour to studying the ongoing regeneration of the area.


Students were tasked with answering the question ‘Is the Bristol harbour regeneration project successful?’  Focusing on four key areas around the development which they had previously studied in the classroom, they were required to examine the area in greater detail and produce their own findings.


As part of the trip, students spent time talking to harbour visitors and local people, gauging their views on the regeneration and overall their findings proved positive.  “The people we spoke to said they were happier, more likely to visit the harbour area now and more likely to want to move to the local area,” said Georgina. “There are two universities in Bristol, so young people want to socialise in the harbour area and they are able to get part time jobs and have increased job opportunities when they leave.”


The students are now analysing their data back in the classroom. They are confident that the regeneration has definitely worked.  “We have learned first-hand how regeneration affects a local community,” said Scarlet. Her classmate Emily added: “Pollution in the city before was bad, but the city is now winning prizes for being green. Overall, there are now more green areas and less litter. In the square now there is also the facility for people to be able to charge their phones and laptops outside.”





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