The Downs School wins Rotary Youth Speaks competition

Posted on: 16th Dec

Huge congratulations to students Ana, Maia and Susie who at the end of last month were announced as winners of the Rotary Youth Speaks competition.

The event gives students the opportunity to talk about a subject that is meaningful to them in front of a panel of judges and an audience, and the girls had chosen to talk about whether social media is affecting the ability for teenagers to talk face-to-face.

Ana explained why they had chosen the subject: "It was really from observations," she said. "If you look in cafes, you can see groups of people on their phones and then the conversations between them all seem to stem from what they have been watching on their phones."

The girls are now through to the regional finals in January, where they have decided to present the same speech, but with changes based on the judges feedback and their own perceptions of other speeches given on the evening.

"We are going to add some humounr and anecdotes," confirmed Ana. "The person who won the best speaker on the night included these in his speech and got such a positive result from the audience."

Congratulations again girls and we wish you the best of luck at the regional finals.

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