End of term report - Year 8 - Miss Francis

Posted on: 19th Dec

So I can't believe you are all in Year 8 - it only feels a few months since you were her in your primary school uniform! You have continually amazed me and I am so proud to say you are a year group made up of some very special people and I’m enjoying getting to know you all as individuals – although some of you I’m seeing on a more regular basis that I’d be liking at the moment! 

 I have enjoyed seeing you all make new friends and really gel together as a year group. This was shown especially on PDP day.  It was amazing – seeing the political parties you put together and the manifestos you presented – I was blown away by the standard of what you produced and I’m glad it wasn’t down to just my vote to decide the winners, but the public vote too, or I would never have been able to pick. I definitely think those politicians in Westminster have a lot to learn from your parties! 

 The sponsored walk seems an age ago, but it was lovely to see you all out making the most of the beautiful countryside we live in and raising money that goes back to projects that benefit you. The Boulogne Trip was one of the first amazing opportunities this year for you to visit a new place/ country and those that went had a brilliant time and did the school proud! I’m looking forward to those who will be accompanying Mr Dunne and other staff on the ski trip in April.

 Since September you have embraced at every opportunity including House Matches (wet as the Rugby and Hockey ones always are!), House Dance, Year 7 Fresher’s Fayre, Open Evening. Behind the scenes we also have had many students quietly but confidently volunteering for roles of responsibility e.g. House Reps, School Council Reps, Sports Reps and Ambassadors…. The list goes on and on and it makes me proud to see how engaged and involved you are already.

 Well done again to Lowbury who won last half term’s house point competition and had a non-uniform day plus some treats from me for their hard work. Will they retain their title this half term or will another form sneak in? Only time will tell so get collecting those house points! Finally, I’m really looking forward to the rest of this year and seeing you continue the excellent start you’ve made! Keep up the hard work and make me proud! 

 Have a wonderful, restful Christmas Break! 

 Miss L Francis
Head of Year 8 
Teacher of History
Subject Lead Politics 


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