End of term report - Year 10 - Miss Bermingham

Posted on: 19th Dec

Year 10 has found this first Academic Term challenging and rewarding in equal measure.

From getting stuck into Options subjects to the first round of House Matches, I have been approached by a variety of staff members wanting to commend some of the cohort for approaching its GCSE and school events with resilience and enthusiasm.

Additionally, as Head of Year 10, I was proud to see Will K (accomplished musician from 10 Ridgeway) support the Remembrance Assembly that Mrs Seath (Tutor of 10 Perborough) ran over a week in November.

Another event that stood out, over the first Academic Term at the school, was the Year 10 Personal Development Day (PDP Day) Careers events. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Mrs Allum who organised several excellent workshops and talks that provided support and guidance to the Year 10 students. The workshops and talks included opportunities for the students to speak to a range of professionals from a variety of different careers. In addition to this, the day offered many opportunities for students to see what types of things to expect during the interview process – along with offering time for students to reflect on their own strengths and how this can be useful when students embark on their own journeys  towards further education and employment.

Finally, I would like to hand over to Miss Duthie, in order to talk a little about the Year 10 Mentors – and what they have been up to this Academic Term… “The Year 10 Peer Mentors have taken part in a range of training opportunities from West Berkshire Council and have shared what they have learnt from the different training sessions with each other. All mentors have been paired with a Year 7 student and have begun their mentoring; using the first few weeks to get to know one another. Every mentor has shown great willingness to learn about mentoring strategies and have so much to offer the Year 7 students. They have been a pleasure to work with and have demonstrated all attributes which make them excellent role models.”

Have a lovely Christmas.

Miss Bermingham

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