End of term report - Head Boy and Head Girl

Posted on: 19th Dec

It’s the end of the first full term of this year and we are all exhausted. However, we have many fantastic achievements of this term, both within the Sixth Form and across the whole school.

The whole school and Sixth Form open evenings were great successes and the school site busy with people, both prospective Year 7s and Sixth Formers and lots of keen Downs School students helping out as tour guides or as passionate ambassadors for their subjects. These events were big team efforts between staff and students from across the school and it was the work of everyone that made them such a great success.

There has been plenty going on in the Sixth Form this term with the Student leadership hard at work. Our annual ‘Pink and Blue Day’ fundraiser just before half term, raised almost £500 for breast and prostate cancer research. Cake sales have been a frequent occurrence this term, be it for Pink and Blue Day or for the amazing charity the Beehive. In the run up to the General Election this year the Sixth Form was visited by several of the candidates for the West Berkshire constituency, giving us the opportunity to ask them questions before some of us voted for the first time. There is still more to come within the Sixth Form this term, the environment committee have organised a clothes swap in the last week of term as an environmentally friendly way of updating your wardrobe for next year, as well as a tree planting event. 

Alec and myself are incredibly proud of the progress and achievements of this term. The next term promises to be even busier, with more plans for  events and activities across the school. While Year 11 and Year 13 are busy revising for their mocks, Year 12 will be deployed throughout the school to help the younger years in their subject lessons.

Next term will be hectic, so Alec and I both hope that everyone has a restful holiday and comes back refreshed ready to face the new year.

Happy Holidays!

Laurie B, Head Girl


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