Successful Pyjama Party event!

Posted on: 22nd Jan

January is the perfect time for a pyjama party – it was dark and cold outside, but the library was snug, warm, and lit with fairy lights.  Sleeping bags, onesies and pyjamas to be proud of were out in force.  Hot chocolate with marshmallows and biscuits baked by a very generous parent were waiting…

Twenty-five people (students, younger siblings and parents) gathered to spend a couple of cosy hours sharing stories and books with each other. 

While the hot chocolate was being served (what else would you drink on a cold night?), guests made themselves comfortable on the sofas and beanbags and enjoyed their books.  There was reading in all directions: children to parents, parents to children, people reading to themselves, people reading in groups.  Mrs Berger, Librarian, read the opening of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (just a little bit ghostly, but not too frightening…) to the whole group. Some new friendships were made over enjoyment of a particular book and some parents wandered the library shelves to introduce themselves to new authors.

Two or three of the younger siblings will join The Downs School next year – this was an excellent event to show them what they can expect when they’re here!

School Librarian and Event Organiser Mrs Berger said: "It was a delight to see how guests made themselves comfortable – curled up on a sofa, squashed onto a bean bag, or maybe just lying on the floor!"

Pyjama Party Comments


“Please have one next year” – Yr 7 student

“Thank you for a lovely evening” – family S (Yr 8, Yr 10, little brother & parent)

“Really enjoyed party!!!  Don’t change a thing for next year!” – yet-to-be student

“A lovely evening!  Thank you Mrs Berger” – English & Media Faculty

“Keep it all the same next year – maybe even more chocolate (enough for 2 cups of hot choc each)” – student

“So relaxing and fun to meet new people” – parent

“Thank you.  This was fun.  I really enjoyed it.” – student

“Thank you for a lovely evening!  Looking forward to next year” – parent


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