Year 11 Prom

Posted on: 16th Aug

Year 11 Prom 2018 happened on Friday, 22 June at The Regency Park Hotel and was a truly special night for all involved (staff, students and parents alike).

Preparation for the evening started months before with the excellent Prom Committee in charge of organising the festivities. The decisions to have (lots) of balloons, pick & mix, a photobooth and DJ proved to be the right ones as it all came together to create a great party atmosphere. All the students arrived looking amazing – many unrecognisable in their stunning outfits and emerging from a varied range of transport. The weather could not have been more perfect and students were able to mingle, chat and have a lovely relaxing time either inside or outside the suite. The photobooth didn’t empty all night (even the staff and Mr Prosser had a go!) and there was a constant long queue for the pick & mix – many a striped bag was taken home at the end of the night full of sweets. Awards had already been voted for by the Year group for the yearbook and many were delighted to receive theirs on the night; for example, best hair, most likely to be famous and, of course, the coveted Prom King and Queen. The evening couldn’t have gone more smoothly and all the students made me very proud. It was a lovely way to say the final goodbyes and to celebrate the last five years of being together. I look forward to seeing the same big smiles on results day.

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