Successful first week for Year 7 Book Club

Posted on: 16th Nov

Last Friday saw the first meeting of the new Year 7 Book Club. Hosted in the school library by Mrs Berger, the group began their activities with an election!  Mrs Berger presented four candidate books by reading aloud the opening chapter of each.  Students voted for the title that sounded most tempting to them, the winner being The Land of Neverendings by Kate Saunders. 

Book Group is a relaxed opportunity to hear a good story.  The Year 7 students gather in the library on a Friday with their lunch, while Mrs Berger reads to them.  There are spare copies of the book to follow along.  Students can then borrow the book and read more in time for the following week, but if they don’t want to borrow the book, Mrs Berger always provides a summary of what they’ve missed.  There was a record turnout of 18 students for the first book group of term and the group will usually take about half a term to finish a book, so it’s done at a comfortable pace.

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