Maths teacher Ms Coombes shaves her head for charity

Posted on: 10th Jun

At the end of last term our Maths teacher, Ms Coombes made the brave decision to shave her head, and in doing so raise money for two important charities, Cancer Research and VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas.

The event was recorded on Microsoft Teams for the students to watch and Ms Coombes explained her reasons for doing this. “I was inspired to have this radical haircut as we are finally coming out of Covid restrictions and my life is coming back towards normality," she said. "I realise that this is not the case for everyone and I would like to support those who need the help that we can afford to give.”

“As we move towards a normal life these pressures will lessen but this is not the case for all young people. Many children in poorer countries never have the opportunity to gain an education and become valuable members of their community. Voluntary Services Overseas sends volunteers to countries to help provide education for all.”

“Another issue I feel strongly about is cancer. It is always shocking to hear a diagnosis of cancer as it still leads to great suffering and even loss of life. My father died from cancer three years ago but, at least, he had had an opportunity to follow a career and have a family of his own to love. The cruelest form of cancer is that which afflicts children and young people who lose their lives before they have had chance to live them. Cancer Research is working to find cures and ways of preventing childhood cancer.”

So far Ms Coombes has raised an incredible £650 and we think she looks great with her new very short hair! It is not too late to sponsor her, so if you would like to do so, please click here

See below for her before, during and after photos!




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