Year 12 students prepare to walk 250km and raise money for Kenyan charity Beehive

Posted on: 16th Dec

A group of eight Year 12 sixth form students at The Downs School are undertaking an incredible challenge in January, walking 250km over the month to raise money for Kenya based charity, Beehive.

The school began supporting the charity about three years ago after a former Sixth Form student went out to Kenya to work with them. She brought back with her incredible stories about what she had witnessed, and how the charity was making a huge difference to the lives of young women. Student Aisling H who is taking part in the walk, explains why the team wants to support the incredible work of this charity and why during the coldest and darkest month of the year they have decided to challenge themselves in this way.

“It is important to express that this charity means a lot to us as we can resonate with its message,” says Aisling. “Beehive supports young pregnant girls and young mothers and their children. We want to remind people that the fortune we have of safety, comfort and food is not universal and not an experience that all people have. The Beehive charity strives to give a little bit of life back to young people who have had this stripped from them, the opportunity to have an education and to create a community that supports and encourages the happiness of the individual. This is a luxury that we in the UK take for granted.”

“We hope that the month of walking will both raise money for the charity as well as remind both the school and the extended local community of the difficulties that other people are facing at this difficult time. The main challenges for the walk are going to be the daylight hours throughout January and the weather, but we hope this will just prove as motivation for the fundraising. Cold weather can always be overcome with the right clothing and a hot cup of tea!”

We wish the team so much luck with their walk and will keep you updated with their progress. If you can donate, please find attached the Just Giving details below. Thank you for your support.


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