Fundraising for Cafe 6

Posted on: 15th Jun

With the support of The Good Exchange, we are raising funds to create an engaging environment to provide sixth form students with much needed space to engage with their peers, socialise, relax as well as to hold important mentoring sessions for younger students in an inviting space.

This will mean that the already crowded sixth form common room can be extended with improved functionality for project and study, thereby leaving the community cafe free for more informal activities. At the moment the space is not conducive to either studying or relaxing and so doesn't serve the students really in any capacity.

In addition to to creating an inviting space for the students we want to acknowledge our position within the community and the plan is for the newly created community cafe to be opened up to the residents of the village whether that be for organised groups such as "mother and baby", book clubs or community groups.

Images on this story are the new design and layout ideas for the cafe should we raise enough funds. You can support us by following the link below:

Community Cafe and Meeting Hub (




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