Eco Green Flag - Awarded!

Posted on: 22nd Aug

We wanted to update you on our very busy third term at Eco Club. We continue to meet at lunchtime every Wednesday and our focus this year has been on

  1. Waste
  2. School Grounds
  3. Litter

We attended Hampstead Norreys Community Shop and Café where we had a talk from one of the volunteers about their sustainable practices and had a lovely lunch tasing some of their locally sourced produce to celebrate some of our successes this year.

We have worked hard this term on creating a vibrant and eye catching display about plastics and litter at the bottom of the GT building. This fits in with educating students on the subject of litter and waste at the same time as improving the aesthetics of our school environment. We enjoyed researching the information for this display which tied in with the assembly Mrs Hicks did on behalf of Eco Club earlier in term 2.

We have also been working hard on getting ready to submit our application to the Eco Schools Green Flag. There has been a lot to do over the course of the year but we can really see our efforts come together. We have attached our action plan for you to see but listed some of our successes here:

  • We have stopped using herbicides and pesticides on the school grounds


  • We have introduced no mow areas around the edges of the sports fields and also on the school grounds, one of our favourite areas is by the science block which the gardening team has enhanced with the addition of some wildflower seeds.


  • The therapy garden is really coming together with the hard work of the gardening team – look at it now in full bloom, before and after photos here just in case we forget what it looked like!


  • We have created a new Eco board to keep students and staff informed:


  • We have created an Eco-code for the school which incorporates our school values and can adapt each year if our focus changes.


We have submitted our application we are keeping our fingers crossed that we are successful. Whatever the outcome we know that we have tried our best and will continue to work hard to bring sustainable practices into the school environment.

We hope you enjoyed finding out all about what we have been up to.

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