Year 12 students attend hard hitting ‘Safe Drive’ theatre performance

Posted on: 27th Nov

Year 12 students have attended the ‘Safe Drive, Stay alive’ theatre project this week, which explores the circumstances and consequences of a road traffic accident. Our students have been attending this initiative for several years.

The project is a road safety partnership involving Thames Valley and Hampshire Police, local councils and emergency services, working towards reducing the number of people dying on the roads.

Students watch a drama unfold, before the faces in the film literally step up onto the stage. Those involved in the car accident speak to the audience about their experiences, the reactions of the driver and look at how medical implications and trauma can affect people. Although this was difficult to watch as it was both hard hitting and emotional, our students listened carefully and engaged with the performance.

Head of Sixth Form, Mr Hogan said: “We believe in the importance of getting this message across to young people as they start to learn to drive, given the dangerous driving conditions our rural setting provides. This is all part of our ongoing commitment to providing a broad and varied personal development programme.”

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