Traditional Year 13 students versus teachers football match ends in a draw!

Posted on: 2nd May

At the end of last week, the traditional Year 13 students versus teachers football match took place on the school field. The match marks the end of the students’ time in the Sixth Form ahead of their exams, and is the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun and bolster the teachers’ fitness in the process!


Traditionally the teachers get comprehensively beaten, but they were delighted that this year’s match ended in a 2-2 draw. Each team consisted of 10 players, with the students having five rolling substitutes and the teachers borrowing a student as their goalie.


The students scored the first goal, leaving the teachers feeling like history was repeating itself, but they pulled a goal back to make it 1-1 at the end half-time. In the second half the students once again took the lead, with the teachers scoring a second to make it 2-2 at full time. The decision was taken to carry on playing until a ‘golden goal’ was scored, but with no one getting close to scoring, the decision was made to end the match with a draw!


Head of Sixth Form, Pete Hogan said: “This is a fantastic event that marks the end of our Year 13 students in school. The students enjoy the match, there is a really good atmosphere and a lot of football banter takes place! My colleagues and I were also delighted that this year’s match ended in a draw!”





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